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生活英语演讲稿 篇1

My college life As a sophomore, I am feeling the time flies. Recalling about the past one year, so many thoughts are flooding in my mind. At this time, I just can’t tell my real idea. The memory is just like so fresh, and all the things happened yesterday! When first day I came to University, I really feel that the school is very good, but at the first sight of the dormitory, something disappointing come up to me! The condition of the dormitory is really very poor with only one room, no lavatory!

作为一名大二年的学生,我觉得光阴似箭。回想过去的一年,太多的想法是浮现在我的脑海。现在,我只是不能说出我的真实想法。记忆是如此新鲜,所有的事情就好像昨天发生的一样! 当我第一天踏进大学的校门,我真的觉得,这里很好,可一见到宿舍,令我太失望了!宿舍的条件非常差,只有一间屋子,没有厕所。

I saw something sad in my father’s eyes, maybe that time he thought of the poor condition! So with a big smile on my face, I told my father” it doesn’t matter, Dad. In this kind of condition, I will get myself better!”

我在父母的眼中看到了难过,也许那个时候,他认为我们穷就会受到这样的待遇!所以 我就笑了,我对爸爸说“没关系,爸爸。在这样的环境下,我会更好!”

My father felt better. But when he was coming back, seeing his back, I just wanted to cry! I felt in this city I was just isolated, from that time, I said to myself, “ you have no others who can help you here, just depend on yourself” (AD:)And then I came to my dormitory 303. I considered that I would spend four years here (in fact I moved to another one year later) and my dorm mates are all there. Most of them came from Sichuan and they were chatting with a happy voice, but I can’t understand them! Again, I felt myself isolated! I hated that kind of feeling, and then I said to hello to them! To my surprise they are very friendly to me and warm-hearted!

我的父亲看到我的样子视乎觉得好些了。但是,当他离开后,我就只想哭!我觉得我在着个城市里孤零零的,从那个时候,我就对自己说, “在这儿,没有人能帮你 ,一切都要靠自己” 后来,我住到了303 。我还以为我会在这个房间度过四年的大学时光(但事实上,一年后我就转到了另一间宿舍)跟我的舍友们同在。他们中的大部分都来自四川,他们的声音很好听可我听不懂。而且,我觉得自己很孤立!我讨厌那种感觉,可是后来他们说我人好!这让我感到惊讶,他们非常友好,也热情!

I no longer felt afraid. And I got along well with them. But at the first night here, I burst out to tears for that I was missing my family. I don’t know why. Everyday when I was at home, I was just eager to go to school, to experience the wonderful college life but when coming here, I am just eager to go back! It’s quite strange though, you must know this kind of feeling! Just spending about 2 days here, we were on our way to military train. To us, it’s a fresh train and a kind of experience to know the life between the classmates. But to me, I was nervous but excited. This was my first and precious train life because before going to school I have been staying with my family. So, you know, it’s just this kind of feeling I can’t convey it clearly! The train life is impressive on everybody; we had a lot of activities, for example giving a speech on a stage or singing together or playing basketball. At that time, I felt myself so little among them. All of them have a special talent but not me. I admired them but meanwhile jealousy. Why don’t I have this kind of talent? Am I stupid?

之后我就不再感到害怕了。和我相处的也越来越好了。但第一天晚上住进这里是,我居然流泪了,我是我家人的骄傲。我不知道为什么。每当我在家,我就渴望回学校,去体验精彩的大学生活,但来到这儿,又希望回去!这很奇怪,您必了解我的着种这种感觉! 在这逗留老外大概两天,我们开始军训。这对我们来说,是一个新的训练和体验,体会到同学生活。但对我来说是紧张,但兴奋。这是我的第一次最珍贵的生活体验,因为训练之前我一直一个人留在家里。所以,你知道,这种感觉,我无法表达清楚!这样的训练生活让我印象深刻,我们有很多的活动,例如演讲舞台上或唱或一起打篮球。当时,我觉得自不能完全融入到他们当中了。所有这些有特长,我都不会。我羡慕他们,也嫉妒他们。为什么我不是这样的人?我傻?

I always said to myself. So that time I was also very ambitious, just eager to catch up with them. Except the classmates, the trainer in our team also left a deep impression on me! He was not very handsome and very kind. Just because of his kindness results in my laughter when training. He always said to me that I should be serious in the team but I didn’t listen to him. So after a long time, when investigating the training result, I gave them a disappointing answer. From Joozone-com.


The highest trainer sent me to clean the toilet, although, it didn’t means insulting to my dignity, but I was really sad about myself and my heart was hurt. That was a small thing but told me that I need to be serious to one thing. And unhappiness passed, the happy and funny time recalled me that folding the blanket. Yeah, it’s really very funny. Most of us had never folded the blanket and naturally we can’t accomplish the task well. When the monitor came, we pleased him to help us to fold the blanket. To our expect, we managed to persuade the monitor.


After the monitor finished the task for me. I dared not to touch the blanket again and just used the clothes instead of the blanket. Of course, I felt very cold in deep night, so to my instinct, I crashed into my classmate’s blanket. And we were scratching the single blanket fiercely, just like a war. (Joozone Editors Note:Writing here I can’t help laughing out loudly).


生活英语演讲稿 篇2

Another deep impression of my university is her creativity and profundity. As is known to all, she has a wide range and prehensive style. No wonder I can enjoy the multi-ceolored life here. Every school year a diversity of petitions and aetivities are held and a large number of students take active part in them. I do appreciate such a style, and in my mind's eye, she resembles a tall tree silhouetting with all shapes of branches while stretching far into the blue sky.

Undoubtedly there is a world of difference between university and high school. University students are supposed to enjoy more freedom to develop themselves. However, Fudan seems more concerned about the efficient cooperation and teamwork among students as to prepare them for the petitive society. I believe upon graduation I will be equipped with abundant skills to face more unknown challenges.

After all, in my opinion, university is for more cultivated character, richer knowledge and greater abilities. That's why I chose Fudan. She provides me with what I've dreamed of.

Now all kinds of successes are in sight every day, and all I have to do is endeavor for a more beautiful future..

生活英语演讲稿 篇3

My School Life

I like my school .My school life is nice,too.Now,I will tell you something about my school life.I usually qo to school at seven o"clock.We have eight lessons every day.At about five o"clock,Igo homeand do my homework.My school life isn"tvery intreseting,but it is very useful for me.

生活英语演讲稿 篇4

Now we are facing two problems of global warming and a shortage of natural resources, both of which are getting more and more serious day by day。 Thus, it is important for us to promote a low-carbon lifestyle。


Low-carbon lifestyle covers many aspect of our life like transportation, traveling, home-heating, and so on。 In order to promote a low-carbon life, some plans must be carried out as follows。 Firstly, don’t waste any electricity and water。 Remember to turn off the lights and water taps unless we use them。 Secondly, we had better take the subways or bus to work, so as to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide。 Thirdly, we should use cloth bags for shopping instead of plastic bags, and use recyclable bowls and chopsticks instead of disposable ones, for it can not only save resources, but also reduce pollution。 What’s more, it is of great significance to plant more trees, since trees can balance the carbon dioxide emissions。


In a word, if we live a low-carbon life from now on, we will have a better environment and more resources left for our descendants。


生活英语演讲稿 篇5

Hello everyone,My name is ,I was a student,there are four people in my father and mother,as well as a lovely sister.

In my spare time,I like reading novels.I think that reading to expand their own for novels,I can imagine me to be a well-known figure in order to satisfy their addition to reading,I also love to play computer adults believe that impede learning to play computer I think the game will inspire me to learn English,my favorite courses are in English,because I think this is a very interesting thing,saying,through different voices.I hope my English will improve in the next four years,and can speak fluent English,but also hope that we progress together.

Thank you

生活英语演讲稿 篇6

In our daily lives,we have many choices to make,such as what to eat for supper,what clothes to wear,or what to do on weekends. At certain times in our lives,we need to make even more critical choices,such as which school to attend,what job to take or who to choose as husband or wife.

Yes,life is a mater of choice. Seemingly,it means a choice of tangible things. But in essence,it means choosing a way of life. Life is to be lived,saved,and enjoyed,not to be wasted or complained about. Hardly can we forget the time when our society faced the grave threat from the life-and-death disease-SARS. Yet,even during those dreadful times,some afflicted people remained optimistic. Instead of wearing neutral white masks,some people turned to colorful ones and thus display a happy mood. And some creative people dubbed SARS to mean“Smile And Remain Smiling .” I was deeply touched by their optimistic,nearly forgetting that we are still in a battle,people who survive these kinds of circumstances,decide in their minds to carry on in spite of the overwhelming odds.

Laid-off workers typically regarded as the victims of economic advancement,are subject to desperation that being unemployed has brought on them. But encouragingly,we have witnessed some of them striving hard to rebuild confidence toward life and discover new opportunities for demonstrating their values.

Although we cannot choose our appearance,inborn gifts and even avoid unexpected disasters and adversities,we do have the privilege to choose to live optimistically,to love our lives,to have dreams,and to cherish hopes.

Every morning when we get up,we have a choice of how we want to approach life that day. As for me,I choose to be cheerful.

生活英语演讲稿 篇7

My School Life

Hello! My name is Wang Yueqi. My English name is Steven. I'm a boy. I'm twelve. I'm in Class 2, Grade 6. In our class, every student has an English name. Our classroom is wide and bright. There are forty-six students in my class.

We have Chinese, maths, English, science, music, art and PE lessons every day. Our English teacher is Mr Zhang. He speaks English well. He is very kind to us. My classmates love him very much. We like to play football with him after class. We read English every morning. We say "Hello!" and "See you later!" to all the teachers in our school in English. Other teachers say "Good morning." and "Sit down, please." to us in English, too. We are all glad to hear that. So we are very happy in our school life.

生活英语演讲稿 篇8

Now the earth is in bad condition。 For example, in some places, the air and water pollution is so serious that it causes many deaths。 At the same time, many animals and plants are in danger because of the destruction of their habitats。

Luckily, we human beings have realized the problem。 On April 22nd, millions of people across the world do something good for the earth。 Some clean up beaches and water, some pick up rubbish, others give speeches to call on more people to take action。 But can we save the earth only by one day’s work? The future of our planet depends on our efforts。 What we should do is to make every day Earth Day。 Only by taking good care of it every day can we hope to live in harmony with nature。



生活英语演讲稿 篇9

Good morning ,boys and girl,I`m jenny peng ,today my topic is :talk about a meaningful way we can use time.At first , let me ask you a question : what do you do in your spare time ,especially in your holiday ? Do you just stay at home ,watching TV,eating,and sleeping?maybe you`ll feel relax at the first time ,but if we always do like this,you`ll feel much boring. so ,the meaningful way I`m going to introduce to you is taking part-time-job in your vacation.

Yes ,you are right , the meaningful way of using time I`m going to introduce to you is taking part-time-job in your vacation.besides,the location we going to work is not in your hometown,in another words,it`s a completely strange situation . Maybe you feel amazy and crazy when hearing it , but I think you can learn a lot from it . First , you can learn how to be a good worker : familiar with the work schedule , obey the rules and make friends with others . besides , learn how to promote yourself . company is a relatively open socialty , it need you to show yourself in front of others , and it will help you to find a good job in the future.

After the part-time-job , we`ll more cherish our time , and find out that how happy and freedom to being a student . we`ll work hard on our study , finish our homework efficiently and struggle for our dream . As the saying going that :Yesterday is history , tomorrow is mystery , but today is a gift . Let`s cherish and make full use of every minutes of our life , and believe that what we did will make sense .

Thank you.

生活英语演讲稿 篇10

ladies and gentlemen,good evening!i fell really honored to stand here and make a speech about my college life.

now collegelife has been about more than a half, i begin to understand that college is a large stage, what belongs to your own; here you are both director and actor, if you dare to try, then the spotlight will call to you all. and what you have to do is try your best to play your role, whatever happens, believe yourself, that's right! when sophomore, is mainly for learning, without fresh at the beginning, holding the muddled attitudes of life and learning. now recalling the university life of freshman: classes, dinners, rest filled up my daily life, i am busy and i think i tried to make my life colorful ,however, i got no achievement to show off,i don’t know what i was busy with. people always like dream, but the dream is broken again and again when there is no plan to make it come true. so it is the most important to have a plan for your university life, although it need not to be very detailed, it can let you have the target to

some say mediocre students are similar, not mediocre students each have their own glory. although i don't think my life is brilliant, and failure of comparison but i'm glad i gainmuch more than i lost. every one of us dreams of the university halls, in order to come to the palace we experience hardships. now that we have crossed the threshold, so we have a lot of personality in the halls of this dream. college is not a fantasy, not a dream, and certainly not delusional, but our great ideal. as long as we are fighting for. some day we will achieve everything! you will hear maple stream boat, you will see kim laughs, and you'll smell the fruit fragrance, because you have been in the harvest season!




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