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Search in the happy,find joy to you;Double in health,dig out the best to you;In sweet pick a pick,pick out the happiness to you。Mother's day,wish you happy everytime!


A is a sweet hug,a wish is a meteor,a greeting is a carnation,a greeting is a bunch of forget-me-not,mother's day will come,blessing into happy elf,let mother longevity and happy!


Blur the you,but don't fuzzy you love;Erase your life of moss,but wipe don't go to your smile;Forget about your complaint,but forget to your blessing。Dear mom,happy mother's day!


Mother,you to my black hair turned white,painstakingly。Today is your holiday,thank you!You were laborious!I will do my best to repay you,my dearest mother!I wish you a happy mother's day!


Buy a bunch of flowers to you,you say blind to spend money;Buy a box of cake to you,you said too expensive;Buy a gift for you,you will not lack said。Only need not spend money say: mom,I love you!


Without words,without language,give mom sing songs;Don't you,don't honey,give mom a gift;Without rhetoric,without words,mother's day to give mom a blessing,wish her young forever!


Tomorrow is mother's day,I with the mind of paper folded into a most beautiful carnations,to your mother,wish her peace and happiness!For she has brought up you,make you become an indispensable friend in my life。


Leaving home mother worry,mom,in my work these days,you must have been worried about me。I here everything is ok,please don't worry about me,mother's day is coming,I wish you a happy holiday。


Mom,you has been always inclusive of my capricious,though you never said,but I know you love me,your poor,you are the best mother in my heart。Mom,I love you,festival happiness!


A sweet cake for you,a candle lit for you,a cup of green tea for you sheng,a loyal wine you drink,a heart melodies play for you,so that the truth from my heart。I wish you a happy mother's day。


In winter,you worry about whether or not we cold。In autumn,you care whether we peace。In the summer,you worry if we suffer heatstroke。Mother's day of spring,you don't be hard for us,but to happiness!


Mom: I wish you longevity and health!Forever young!Happy every day!Hope I can in this festival said to mother: mom,you were laborious,son in our lifetime,be filial piety you old,happy mother's day!


I'm looking for some time,to accompany my mom to enjoy expeditions;I'm looking for some time,to accompany my mom to taste a variety of food;Mum,this is the truth I will say to you,wish you a happy mother's day!


White hair on the head,covered with wrinkles on his forehead,kindly write full face,cared about in the heart,to the mother's day,son of blessing to accept wish mom happy,greetings please take mother I love you。


The seeds of life care,the blood of the eternal。Gave birth to the miracle of life,enjoy the sweetness of motherhood。Happy mother's day is coming,wish you mother good "pregnant",all the happiness!


There is a sweet come from the heart of caring;There is a love beyond the secular path;There is a warm heart as beautiful as the rainbow!Mother's day is coming,dear mother,wish you a happy holiday!


The mother to sweet come from the heart of caring;Mother to memories of happiness comes from life;Mother love is beyond the secular path;Mother's warm heart like a rainbow beautiful!Happy mother's day!


Mother festival,wish you happy,busy trivial housework don't too tired,a sincere feelings you most precious and wonderful life taste with a smile,"don't want to,I wish you a healthy optimistic to centenarians。


One is a sign of your love,nagging is the expression of your love,care is your love,said missing is that you love,mother's day arrived,will be the most beautiful greeting to you,wish mom often in health,laugh often。


Silver filar silk string ChengSiNian,eyelid easily become caring,wrinkles all together as one,girth curved into a hardworking。Mother's day is coming,mother you were laborious,I will take good filial piety you,I love you。


How many sleepless nights,you wait me sweet into sleep;How many out of the house in the back,you get ready for me;How many times the other end,you for me hanging belly bowel。Mother's day arrived,I wish you a happy holiday!


The hope of a hands,hold up the whole family。The eyes,filled with infinite deep feeling;The feet,write down the world vicissitudes of life;A heart,full of love for her children。My dear mother,happy mother's day!


Mother festival went to mother and child affection deep heart is linked together,the mother care of love in heart,missing heart always remember,wishes mother healthy,happy sweet smile a lot。I wish a happy mother's day holiday。


A mother's love is like the sea is broad,the mother's heart is like the sun warm,who doesn't appreciate the mother's kindness,SMS blessing hurriedly action,today is mother's day,wishes mother healthy and happy forever。


A mother's love is an umbrella in the pouring rain,a mother's love is a bowl of cold hot noodles,a mother's love is rough hand,a mother's love is a sweet smile。Mother's day tomorrow,wish mother happy,happiness always。


To transmit messages coming to send surprise,great task,today mother festival that will be filial piety mother,mother,grace to you and the hard whether bitter high credit,wishes mother happy enjoy happy happy body health。


Mom,you were laborious!Successful joy Shared with friends。But mother at any time,will silently support me encourage me,and belong to your holiday,sincerely wish you the best of health,safety and happiness。


Today I met an angel in the rain,then lend the umbrella to her,she asked me to glory today or riches and honour,I said what all don't,as long as the person's mother is reading this now on Sunday,happy mother's day!Healthy forever!


Click on the happy,open source sweet for you;Click on peace,open the surprises for you;Click on the health,for you to open the beautiful forever;Click on the happiness,for you to open continuously。Mother's day,wish you well!


Mother's day arrived,I also do not have what good to send,give you fifty thousand: never to be happy,never to be comfortable,never want to health,never want to live a long life and absolutely don't worry about me。A happy holiday。


Life should take good care of yourself,to yourself and others,remember that happiness is more important than anything,only after hardships,just know the precious friendship,it's good to have you in my life,I wish a happy mother's day!


She bent the waist,just to look up children's forceful;Her white hair,just to appreciate children's youth;She broke step,only to lead the children all the way to happiness。Mother's day arrived,love mom?Don't forget to greet her。


I want to wish you: dear mother;Please don't be too tired busy household chores。Sincere feelings you the most precious;The good life carefully taste;Don't to worry about;Optimistic and healthy you must can live hundreds of years old!


Mother like stars flickering,light up my childhood dream;As the wind blows,calm the hearts of adult;The scenery like ChunYang a romantic,warm life。Mother's day arrived,don't forget to praying for mom,send best wishes。


Again big,also not as good as you kind smile;Again beautiful,also not as good as the food you cooked delicious;No amount of lost,also there are you kind of look is my healing。Always love you,mom,happy mother's day!


Mother's day is coming,on behalf of the broad masses of old and young the yes,to not be but will be in the future,has become or will become the mother of beauty,hot mom sincerely respect!You are the most beautiful!Happy mother's day!


Some things,the longer the more wonderful;Buried some feeling,the deeper the more true;Some love,only to say the best。Mother's day,don't mean that "I love you"to mom,I wish you and your beloved mother happy forever!


Worked day and night is mother ship,just to give children landed;Mother is a tree,helping children shelter against cold all winter heat;Mother is light,no matter how late are waiting for the warmth。I wish the world mother happy holidays!


Motherly love such as the sea,and use this word to describe the greatness of a mother's love seems to say too much。But who also don't think your mother will not be able to,because she completed a great event - with all the life energy raising you!


A mother's love is a cup of wine,drink will turn into missing。Mother I miss you forever!A gently greeting,will my blessing into the warmth like sunshine in my heart,stay in your heart forever and ever。I wish you a happy mother's day!


Increasingly vicissitudes of figure,no longer tall and straight waist,the mother turned around in time,the sad white hair,frames the life how much warmth and moved。Mother's day will come,children know Thanksgiving,please take care of yourself!


How many days and nights,cell phone from his mother "eat well,wear more clothes,pay attention to the body。"Not children be somebody,but for the peace of their children,this is the great maternal love,mother's day,wish mother happy holidays!


Between heaven and earth,maternal love is the most true,a mother's love the most。Long time,a mother's love the most,a mother's love the most enduring。In the mother's love never forget and never forget。Happy mother's day arrived,I wish my dear mother health happiness。